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 26.-United KingdomNUTS1, NUTS2EducationSubregional – education and trainingMore info
 27.-United KingdomNUTS1EducationThree- and four-year-olds years by type of early education providerMore info
 28.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Annual rainfallMore info
 29.-United KingdomNUTS1, NUTS2, NUTS3Environment and Energy Carbon dioxide emissionsMore info
 30.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Designated areasMore info
 31.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Estimated abstractions from non-tidal surface and groundwater'sMore info
 32.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Household waste and recyclingMore info
 33.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Local authority collected waste disposal: by methodMore info
 34.-United KingdomNUTS1Environment and Energy Water quality of rivers and canals: by biological and chemical qualityMore info
 35.-United KingdomNUTS1Health and SafetyCouncil supported residents in care homesMore info
 36.-United KingdomNUTS1Health and SafetyHospital activityMore info
 37.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketAnnual employment statisticsMore info
 38.-United KingdomNUTS3Labour MarketAnnual employment statisticsMore info
 39.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketEconomic inactivity ratesMore info
 40.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketEmployees of working age receiving job-related trainingMore info
 41.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketEmployment rates: by sexMore info
 42.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketEmployment: by occupationMore info
 43.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketHeadline Labour Force Survey for all regionsMore info
 44.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketLabour ProductivityMore info
 45.-United KingdomNUTS3Labour MarketLocal labour market indicators by NUTS 3 areaMore info
 46.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketRegional level employment by Broad Industry GroupMore info
 47.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketRegional level employment by industryMore info
 48.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour MarketUnemployment rates: by sexMore info
 49.-United KingdomNUTS1Labour Market & EducationPopulation of working age: by level of highest qualificationMore info
 50.-United KingdomNUTS1Population and living conditionsAge-standardised mortality rates: by cause and sexMore info
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